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oach CJ is driven by a profound passion for the sport, and armed with extensive experience, he prioritizes the development of every single hockey player, guaranteeing you the ultimate workout experience.

Small Group Sessions

Experience the power of group training as you take your hockey game to the next level. Small groups are a cost-effective way to receive professional hockey fitness development while lowering costs. Train like a pro, grab a teammate and register to get better today.

Private Sessions

To book a private session, reach out directly. These sessions are meticulously customized to suit your specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. We'll design a progression plan that aligns with your hockey goals.

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Work on the skills of the game by adding on a “Scoring Clinic” on the synthetic ice to your workout day. Or, just come in to shoot some pucks with Coach CJ without having to commit to a workout as well.

Team Workout Sessions

Looking for a team dryland session? Look no further. Reach out today to have all your team development needs met. Coach CJ has worked with countless minor hockey teams from all over the GTA. We cannot wait to see you!

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