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Coach CJ Athletics

“BE GREAT”  CJ McCartney

Strength & Conditioning Coach focused on the development of ELITE Hockey Players. This includes time in the gym plus the opportunity to work on shooting and puck control on the synthetic ice pad beside the weight room

We work with athletes from the NHL, AHL, NCAA D1, OHL, QMJHL, Jr. A, AAA, and more!

At Coach CJ's Athletics, our mission is to empower elite hockey players to reach their full potential. We're committed to excellence in training, character development, and teamwork. Through passion and integrity, we inspire the next generation of hockey stars to achieve their dreams.

Our primary emphasis lies in fostering athleticism through dynamic movement, enhancing strength through a scientifically grounded methodology, and instilling sound habits while educating individuals on mobility. This approach empowers athletes and provides them with the necessary tools to mitigate discomfort and reduce the risk of injuries. With a background as the former Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Oshawa Generals OHL team, as well as a recipient of an ACAC Scholarship Athlete award, and proud owner of Advance Hockey, CJ Athletics is the top choice of Toronto's best hockey players.


At Coach CJ Athletics, the program is built on a holistic approach tailored to each athlete. This does not mean just lifting weights and getting stronger. But rather, a large emphasis is put on true athleticism. All the best hockey players in the world are players who move very efficiently, quickly, effortlessly, fluidly… or, just plain out athletically. This is the ultimate focus here. A great emphasis is also put on mobility. Hockey puts a lot of demand on the body, so mobility and fighting the repetitive use patterning that comes with it is always a focus. Sleep and nutrition are also very important, and Coach CJ often reminds the athletes as such and gives tips, tricks and advice on these matters often.



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